Business Areas - Natural Resources and Renewable Energies

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Quifel works in the area of Natural Resources and Renewable Energy since 2007, through Quifel Natural Resources (QNR). QNR is specialized in the study, design and operation of Early stage projects within the subsectors in Natural Resources and Renewable Energies, that have the most promising potential in the medium-long term.

In what concerns Energetic Efficiency and Photovoltaics, QNR operates under the brand Hemera Energy, already active in Portugal and Spain since 2008. Hemera Energy is a producer of the newest Acclimatisation technology, which has already been largely tested: Advanclim.

For the oleochemical, in Brasil, QNR operates under the brand Biobrax. The second generation factory, which works with many technologies including trans-etherification and hydrolysis, is located in the state of Bahia.

The large Agribusiness Projects, focused on the culture of seasonal and perennial oil-plants, are being developed in Sub-Saharan Africa. The first operation took place in Mozambique, under the brand Hoyo Hoyo, in 2009.